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15 Oct

Užuolaidų ir karnizų priežiūra

October 15, 2015 | By |

Užuolaidos — visavertė ir reikšminga interjero dalis, nenusileidžianti svarbumu grindims ir sienoms, bei filtras tarp namų ir gatvės. Tam, kad užuolaidos ilgai išliktų gražios, reikalinga tinkama priežiūra. Read More

14 Oct

Fabric care

October 14, 2015 | By |

Cotton is the most widely used fiber in decorative fabrics and for good reason.We recommend that almost all decorative cotton fabrics be professionally cleaned. Although cotton is often washable, there are three good reasons NOT to wash decorative fabrics of 100% cotton or cotton blends: first, shrinkage may occur; second, washing may affect the dyes used to create the fabric; and third, washing may remove some of the finish, changing the hand and appearance of the decorative fabric . The one exception to the no-washing guideline for cottons is if you want a relaxed, casual, slightly wrinkled look for unlined bed coverings or slipcovers and if you don’t care if the fabric fades a bit or loses some of its stain repellent features.
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